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Part Distribution LLC. has been a Minnesota based Outsourcing Consulting service since 2012. What makes us different is how we strategically align our interests with yours so that we can really drive costs down together. From getting Credit Terms to our Lowest Cost In The World Guarantee, we have you covered.

We source primarily from China but also source US manufacturers as well depending on what you need.

For Inventors

The Napkin Sketch

I have an idea for a product, now what?
Before you start looking for a supplier, your design specifications must be well defined.

This tailored consulting service goes over what you have and what your next steps should be before you start looking for a supplier.

The Supplier

I need help finding a supplier.
Would you know a good supplier from a bad one? Do you know how to perform background checks on a Chinese factory? Are you absolutely sure you are not being scammed?

We take all of that guess work and find you a vetted supplier for your product. Not just any supplier but one that will be easy to work with and patient if you aren't particularly experienced in international trade.

The Importer

I have a supplier but need help making an order and importing.
Do you know how to navigate ordering from a Chinese supplier? How about international freight and customs clearance?

We take care of all of it so you can sleep easy knowing that people that know what they are doing is handling getting the products to your door.


The Price Check

I have a supplier but want to know if their price is good or not.
Is your supplier really providing you with a good price? Couldn't hurt to know how their price compares to the average for the region.

With this service, we put your current supplier's piece part cost up for comprehensive review to see how it compares to other suppliers.

The Guarantee

I already sell my product but need to get cost down as much as possible.
Your expertise is in your product, our expertise is in the cost of that product.

With this service, we become your supplier cost advocate, aligning our interests with yours to leave no stone un-turned to reduce your cost of goods. This service utilizes our "Lowest Cost In The World" Guarantee.

The Credit Terms

My supplier doesn't offer Credit terms.

This is our Supply Chain Financing service offered through Most Chinese suppliers won’t offer credit terms unless you are a Walmart size company. Supply Chain Finance can get you those credit terms at no cost to you.


The Win More Business

I am a Supplier in China and need to win more business.
It’s standard business in the west for nearly every supplier to offer their customers Credit Terms of at least Net 30.

As you know, it’s too risky for Chinese suppliers to offer their western customers credit terms. If the customer doesn’t pay, there is almost nothing you can do from China.

For a small fee, Novanty lets you offer your customers Credit Terms without any of the risk. This gives you an incredible advantage over the competition by making your quote more attractive to the customer.

The US Sales Rep

I am a factory in China and want to Grow business in the US.

We can be your US sales representative. 

We will build brand awareness in the US and help you find multiple Distributors for your product.



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