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We Can Import Any Manufacturing Machine For 40-50% less!

When purchasing a manufacturing machine from a US brand, it’s often sourced from a factory in China.

While buying from a US brand offers advantages, opting for the same machine directly from the Chinese factory can yield significant cost savings—typically around 40-50%.

At Part Distribution, we have direct connections with these factories, enabling us to deliver the machines to your door at a fraction of the cost.

While you may not benefit from the advantages associated with the US brand, replacement parts are generally interchangeable. Additionally, both the factories and the brand-name components still come with warranties. Furthermore, many resources and replacement parts available for the US brand’s version can still be utilized.

Plasma Cutter

Success Story

For years, Part Distribution has been importing sheet metal parts for a client in Minnesota. However, there were occasions when they required faster turnaround times for low-volume parts. They approached us to procure a plasma cutter for their shop.

We provided them with the required machine at approximately 50% less cost than if they had purchased it from a local US brand. While there was a learning curve in setting up the machine, they quickly adapted. They were soon able to produce parts and meet the rapid turnaround times necessary to satisfy their customers.

Success Story

A client presented us with a $127,000 quote for a Fiber Laser Cutter from a well-known US brand.

After extensive research, we located the exact Chinese factory that supplies the US brand and imported an even more powerful version for only $78,000. This machine typically retails in the US for $167,000.

Fiber Laser Cutter

While they didn’t receive the customer service associated with the US brand, they found that all local replacement parts were compatible. Additionally, they were able to find ample assistance on platforms like YouTube and other sources.

Pneumatic Punch Press

Success Story

Part Distribution had been importing a standard twist-on plastic cap for a client’s high-volume product line.

The client required a clean hole punched through the center of the cap for one of their SKUs. They tasked us with acquiring a custom pneumatic press, prioritizing speed to reduce labor costs.

We designed a custom jig for the cap and imported a cost-effective press perfectly suited for the task.

Rebar Bender and Rebar Cutter

Success Story

A client needed to replace their aging Rebar Bender and Rebar Cutter with new equipment.

However, they faced a challenge as there weren’t many US resellers offering equipment capable of handling the size of rebar they needed to cut and bend.

They entrusted us with sourcing both machines. Now, several years later, their business has expanded, and they’ve requested additional machines from us.

Types of Machines We Import

Plasma Cutters

Fiber Laser Cutters

Rebar Cutters

Rebar Benders

Punch Presses

Robot Welders

Test Machines

And so much more… Let us know what you need!

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