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Cycle Test Machines & Durability Test Machines

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Cycle Test Machines & Durability Test Machines

For many years, Part Distribution has been involved in designing, building, and importing Automatic Test Equipment & Durability Test Machines. Our equipment is utilized for cycling tests on a variety of items such as furniture, mattresses, TV wall mounts, bicycles, automotive shocks and gas springs, hinges, and more.

We offer the flexibility to customize machines based on our basic platforms. This means that even if your equipment requirements are unique, we can leverage existing designs to meet your needs without starting from scratch.

Our offerings range from simple gearmotor-driven machines to PLC-controlled Automatic Test Equipment, depending on your needs and budget. We can integrate data logging capabilities and measure any parameters necessary for your testing.

Images may very from actual unit depending on required capability.

Product Use: Chairs, furniture drawers, TV wall mounts, shocks/ gas springs, mattresses, and any other custom application.

Voltage 1-3 Phase, 110V – 480V

Transmission: Servo, Stepper, Gearmotor, Pneumatic, hydraulic, etc.

Load Range: 1 ounce – 2000 lbs.

Cycle range: 0 – 50″

Cycle Speed: 0.5 – 60 cycles per minute 

Warranty: 1 – 3 year – Parts.

Part Distribution boasts a robust background in importing custom Automatic Test Equipment, including Cycle Test Machines and Durability Test Machines.

Additionally, we’ve undertaken the design and construction of numerous custom machines domestically in the US. While our trusted and experienced partners in China handle the majority of the manufacturing to ensure cost efficiency.

Whether your machine needs to comply with specific regulatory standards or is intended for internal testing purposes, we’ve got you covered. We’ve worked with a variety of standards such as ULTUVISOIEC, and many others. Simply inform us of the specific clause you need to test, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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