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We work with suppliers in China every day, and have been working with them for over 12 years. We know your process and what you expect from western customers. Our vast experience of working with both western customers and Chinese suppliers has shown us many unique ways to create win-win situations. We believe in mutual benefit and strive to be great partners for our suppliers to work with.

For Suppliers

The Supplier’s Supplier

I am a Supplier in China, but need lower cost suppliers myself.

This services is for factories in the US or China who buy certain components from other suppliers for your customers assembly. We help you find lower cost suppliers so that you can either improve your profit or reduce the cost to the customer to better compete.

The US Sales Rep

I am a factory in China and want to find multiple Distributors in the US.

We can be your US sales representative. 

We will build brand awareness in the US and help you find multiple Distributors for your product.



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