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I already sell my product but need to get cost down as much as possible.

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This service is for existing businesses that already sell a sizable volume of their product.

We become your supplier cost advocate and leave no stone un-turned. This service utilizes our “Lowest Cost In The World” Guarantee. But we don’t stop there. At your request, up to once a year, we put your product’s supply chain through the ringer again and try to get the cost down even further.

For this service, we charge a royalty on sales. Even our fee structure is designed to keep costs down by charging a royalty instead of commission.
There is a very important reason for this. A commission based structure is counterproductive to our goal of aggressive cost savings. If we charge a percent of your overall order, that removes our incentive to try to make that over all order’s cost lower. With a commission based structure, the harder we work and the more successful we are at reducing cost, the lower our resulting compensation would be. By charging on the sell side, we eliminate the conflicting interests as a factor. It frees us up to have no restriction to reduce cost.
And since we only charge on the sell side, it is 100% in our best interest to make sure you succeed for the long haul. This will also help with your cash flow by assuring the lowest possible upfront inventory investment.

If you don’t use our supplier, you don’t pay us.

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