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Need Invention help to learn how to manufacture a product?

Even the greatest inventors needed invention help at one time or another.

A lot of great products started out as just an idea someone had.
Often times, that someone had no previous knowledge on how to manufacture a product idea.

Though we generally do not offer our Contract Manufacturing services to inventors, we do offer a consulting service to point you in the right direction. We still want you to get the invention help you need.

This is an hourly consultation via phone or email.

In this conversation, we will go over your idea and then how we would manufacture it if we were in your shoes. That way you can go into this process having a good idea what it’s ultimately going to take to build your invention’s supply chain. While at the same time, assuring that you are setup to optimize that supply chain to the fullest.

We at Part Distribution are also the founders of where our mission is to increase the inventor’s chance of success.

Over our many years of experience, we have learned a great deal about what those who succeed to differently than those who fail. Our promise is to approach this consultation from the perspective of helping you choose the same path as those who succeeded before you took. Instead of the same path as those who failed.

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