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Our First Principle Thinking approach is the same approach Elon Musk used to significantly reduce the cost of building both a rocket and an electric car battery. This means boiling your assembly down to the most fundamental truths and then reasoning up from there. Through this process, we understand that the path any product’s raw materials took to ultimately become the finished product you see is where the bulk of the cost is.

Your assembly is likely composed of more than one material and more than one manufacturing process. It’s important to understand that factories generally specialize in one or two specific manufacturing processes. Everything else they likely just find any local factory to make for them before they assemble it all together. Factories are notoriously bad and finding low cost suppliers to provide them with the components they don’t make in house. By finding the best possible suppliers for your suppliers, we can have a significant impact on your assembly cost.

And this is just the start.


The Price Check

I have a supplier but want to know if their price is good or not.
Is your supplier really providing you with a good price? Couldn't hurt to know how their price compares to the average for the region.

With this service, we put your current supplier's piece part cost up for comprehensive review to see how it compares to other suppliers.

The Guarantee

I already sell my product but need to get cost down as much as possible.
Your expertise is in your product, our expertise is in the cost of that product.

With this service, we become your supplier cost advocate, aligning our interests with yours to leave no stone un-turned to reduce your cost of goods. This service utilizes our "Lowest Cost In The World" Guarantee.

The Credit Terms

My supplier doesn't offer Credit terms.

This is our Supply Chain Financing service offered through Most Chinese suppliers won’t offer credit terms unless you are a Walmart size company. Supply Chain Finance can get you those credit terms at no cost to you.


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